January 8, 2012

Thoughts of Spiritual Uplift

I have been reading this week. Reading a lot. (Go here to see why.) It has been amazing. I am learning so much. And to report, I haven't missed a single day! My year is off to a pretty ok start! But more importantly, here is what has been on my mind.

God created all things. Even me. Not only did He create all things, but he then looked at them and knew that they were good. They were good. He looks upon me and you, knowing that we are good.

We (me, you) were created in His image. We are like Him.

After creating all things for six days, the seventh day was a day of rest. Not a day of laziness, of idleness, or vegging, but a day of rest.

I'm on to the Old Testament. I'm excited about it. Learning more of the Savior and His ministries! 


Kayli said...

I love this. I love that reminder that we are his creations and we are like him! And of course that we are good. Great post!

Alexis said...

Steph, I'm doing it too! I haven't missed a day yet either! Go us! Thanks for the idea.

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...