January 25, 2012


Today for lunch my Mr. and I decided to change up the routine a little bit. He was sick of taking lunches to work, and I was sick of being at home. So where did we meet up?
We ate and played. Surprisingly Bristol didn't want to play in the play yard, but sit at the table with her new Happy Meal toy. She was completely content!
So, we are sitting there eating. This older gentlemen comes into the door and is greeted by the over zealous cashier worker. He presented her with a one dollar bill. They exchanged a few words, she gave him a hug (remember, over zealous) and then he walked away. Then it was announced to the workers in the back that when giving out change, two-1$ bills were stuck together. The gentleman was only supposed to receive one. WOW! Is it terrible that I was completely surprised? I know that there are good people in the world. I do. I guess more than surprised, I was proud that he did it! It was one dollar. 
Would I have done it? YES!
Would everyone? Probably not. 
So, i was proud!
I like to notice the good in the world. 
What have you noticed?

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