October 24, 2011

Big T is 8 Months

Isn't he handsome? I sure think so!
As of October 24th, he is a whopping 8 months.
WOW! The time has sure flown by.
Here is what this guy is up to!

A wonderfully odd army crawl.
Sitting up all by himself.
Eating finger foods galore! 
Six teeth! (Four at once. Ouch!)
Babbles like crazy.
Sleeps like a champ.
A complete Mommy's boy. I hope that never changes :)
Loves his big sister, and watches over her like a hawk.
Doesn't quite like the sound of the violin...I'll work on that one.
Loves to go for walks outside.
LOVES dogs. (My future is flashing before my eyes. Here we go.)
Still won't hold his own bottle. Refer back to "Mommy's boy."

1 comment:

Case said...

Happy 8 month birthday Tytan!! That means Tate will be 7 months tomorrow, good golly!