October 13, 2011

Laundry Miracle

Isn't it so aggravating when you open up your washer or drier and find a mess? Anything from washing and drying a crayon, gum, or having colors fade is such a pain.

Well, last night around 11 PM I had this nagging thought to go put the brights in the drier. Nah, too tired.

Big Mistake.

This morning after putting them in the drier, I pulled them out to find that HOT PINK had bled on to Bristol's light pink jacket, and Tytan's shirt. I was so mad. Every single article of clothing had been washed multiple times and shouldn't have bled....unless you leave them over night in the washer. Oh mercy. Totally my fault.

So, I washed the bled on clothes again. Nope.
Soaked them. Helped a little.
Soaked them in HOTT water with Oxy Clean and All. Yay!!! I couldn't believe it. Stains are out!

Here are my laundry must haves:
All Free and Clear detergent
Oxy Clean ( the BIG box)
Murphey's Oil Soap (great for greasy stains)
Stain removing bar soap ( I have Fels-Napthia Heavy Duty)

What is in your laundry room?


Kayli said...

Have you ever washed a diaper? That's just awful too.

Rebekah said...

you are a laundry miracle worker! I too love oxy-clean, i have the big box too. Its a must with kids! I am going to try that murphey's oil soap, it sounds amazing!!
love, Rebeakh

Diana Hulme said...

Ooh, thanks! Good to know.