October 3, 2011

Bye Bye Binky, Bye

Sometimes being a mommy is hard. I'm not one to deny that every day time-outs, cleaning, fixing lunches, nap time struggles, and tantrums are easy. Tonight was no exception, and this was pure emotionally hard.

Tonight we said good bye to the bink. I think that it was harder for me than for Bristol B herself. She cried and wailed, asking for her bink back. But, I cried too.

In preparation, we (my Mr. and I) told her that last night was it, no more bink. Tonight we carried her outside. She had her favorite bink in her mouth, and her little fingers clutching more. Opening the lid to the garbage can she turned away. After being told to throw them in there, there was no hesitation. I was quite surprised! Not a second later and she was asking for them back.

I cried.

Bristol was born with a binky in her mouth It's no joke. So why now? It has been a long time coming. The pediatrician told me before she was three to throw it away. I know I know, she's not three. I would have gladly done it a year ago. The timing has just been so off! With moving, getting a new little brother, and moving again, I didn't want to make life harder. But now it's done.


I think I might feel pretty bad for a while. Poor little thing.
the aftermath


Emily and Owen Johnston said...

Reading that brought a tight knot in my throat :( You are a good mommy!

The Wiser Family said...

Yep, you're an amazing mommy!! I promise, she'll be over it before you know it. Hey, Kylee sucks her thumb. I'm not looking forward to that hurdle, how do you take it away?! :)