October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

To get things started with our Halloween festivities, my sister Annie came over and made these awesome Monster Mouths. So much fun! It was all in preparation for my Grandparent's annual Halloween Party. There are costumes, scary but yummy treats, and lots of fun! Annie ended up winning first place! So cool! I'll share how to make them below!

Tytan was Frankenstein, and TyRell was...TyRell black style.

Bristol as Rapunzel and I as Mother Gothel!

(More/better pictures of the kids coming tonight!)

The family!

And the best Olive Oil and Popeye I've ever seen!

Monster Mouths

You'll need green and red apples, peanut butter, candy corn,  marshmallows, and red icing if you want it!
Slice the apples, cover with peanut butter, cut off tips of candy corn, and add some chompers! 

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Case said...

I made some of those too, but just apples with slivered almonds for teeth....love the costumes!