October 21, 2011


So, I started dance baton lessons at age 3. Ya, I was little. It was fun. I don't remember it that much early on, but I continued until 14 when we ran out of a coach. I loved it. Then I took other lessons and spent a while on the High School dance team. (A Capital Golden Girl if you must know).

I still love to dance and move. The only problem, making my post pregnancy body x's 2 move the way it used to.

Solution: ZUMBA! I love it. It's dancing, intense, and burns a lot of calories all at the same time. You don't have to be perfect at it either, and nobody will laugh at you if you mess up. I started a few months after having Bristol in Logan, and now have started back up again!

Do a little research and find a teacher near you! It is so worth it!

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Unknown said...

Stephanie - I haven't looked at your blog it awhile. I love it! and I love zumba. I started out after I had my almost 10lb baby like yours. At first, I just peed my pants because it was too much jumping around!!! Now, I am better.

I love that you loved baton lessons. It makes me so happy.

I hope Bristol becomes a little dancer like you!

love ya! TENLEY