October 10, 2011

My "Almost" Child

Have you ever heard of "Almost" children? Well, I have one.

Don't know what they are? Let me explain.

Me: Ty, will you please  clear off the table?
Ty: Sure

A few minutes pass.

Me: Ty, is the table cleared off? (As I'm secretly staring at it.)
Ty: YE-ES!

The table has the ketchup, a hot pad, and a glass on it.

Trust me, I'm not complaining! I actually have to just laugh at it. It really is hysterical! It made me think "What would happen if I was an 'almost' mom? Almost fix dinner, almost do the laundry, almost clean the bathrooms. Ha! Wouldn't everyone be absolutely miserable?

Here's a 'woot woot' for being a get 'er done...all the way mom!!


CaM&KoLb said...

I love this and it completely reminds me of my significant other! Yay for us not-so-almost moms!

Case said...

I like that you called your husband your child...haha so true! I've gotten way behind on your blog, but I read it all to catch up! Looks like things are still going well and looks like we will be dunking cookies very soon at my house - yumyum!!