October 20, 2011

Finding Joy in the Journey

Yesterday I was doing the dishes (again) and tears just about came spilling out of my eyes. It had been a hard day. Sick kids, cleaning, dirty diapers, cleaning, sick kids, teething baby, cleaning, ugly telephone calls, etc. You get the picture.

Then-I laughed.

It hit me like a ton of bricks that my Mr. was going to come home beaten down and burdened with an even tougher day. I hate those days.

It made me think: "No matter what phase of life you are in, there are going to be tough days."

I remembered back to when Ty and I were first married. We had a teeny apartment, no kids, no furniture, and BIG dreams. We kept saying, this summer will be better when we are making good money. This went on for a couple years. We were happy, but had even BIGGER dreams. We will be happier when we start our family. Then we had Bristol and we were happier. Much happier. Then- We will be happier when we have our own house, don't have to move around a lot, a career "big boy" job, and continue to expand our family. Now we are there. Of course we are much happier and our love for each other and our kids have grown tremendously. We like to be positive about things and are forever grateful for the blessing we receive each day. We have made great friends every step of the way, and have really enjoyed the past 4 1/2 years.


I have learned that I need to breathe each moment in and really take life by the rains and just hang on. It can be a wild ride, but completely worth all the while. President Monson put it best when he said "Find Joy in the Journey." We are enjoying the journey.

My attitude quickly changed, and before my Mr. was home, dinner was set at the table (again) and we were chit chatting among the crying Big T. and talkative Bristol B. It was great. This is why we are here, this is exactly what we are up for. I'm counting my blessings each day, I love life. Even when it is hard. When I need to cry it out, I do it. When my Mr. needs to vent, I let him do it. We feel much better afterward! A hard time at work and a hard day with kiddos isn't what we will remember in 50 years, it's that WE DID IT!  Until that 50 year mark has hit, I'll just keep on keepin on!

And remember



Diana Hulme said...

You are SO right. Such a good reminder! And, I can't believe you made grape juice! So cool. I bet it tastes so delicious!

Diana Hulme said...
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